A situation where someone has a few too many while hanging out around a fire then stumbles upon said fire.
Jay went firewalking last night then passed his pants.
by Madfatter April 18, 2018
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The act of taking a walk while simultaneously smoking (typically marijuana).

Generally the purpose of the walk is the act of smoking.

A stoned walk of introspection.
"Hey I've got a new pipe. I'm taking it on my firewalk tonight, care to join?"

"It's about time for my firewalk."

"I'm going on a firewalk for my smoke break."
by Scooterob1 November 30, 2013
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Everyone cut out what their doing right now before the cops firewalk up in here.
by DizzySpell April 12, 2011
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Purposely annoying people in debate or chat or opinion forums, using bad trolling methods that anyone with an IQ over 10 could see though.

Firewalker, Firewalking, Firewalks, Firewalked
"Jon, stop firewalking."

"If he tries to firewalk one more time, I'm gonna god rage."

"This is the worst firewalking I have ever seen."
by Phonerion Ballznevsky June 27, 2014
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Firewalker is the most radical form of Christianity. When a person can speak in tongues and has access to their Prophetic gifts. RELIGION: Firewalker (advanced prophetic gifts, speaks in tongues, baptized in fire, miracle worker, deliverance minister, Jesus reincarnate, dead to self, Spirit Walking. Someone who randomly appears during a worship night to pray for others in a way where they offer a supernatural Word from the Lord specific to the individual. A completely empty vessel to be used by The Holy Spirit. Someone of this caliber holds the power of the resurrected Christ and can probably raise the dead. When you become a Firewalker you change the way you write your name on paper you become firewalker John or firewalker Mary.
Joann was slain in the Spirit because Mary is a Firewalker. Mary has been fasting from food for a couple of days before this event so she could spend more time with God in prayer. All of Mary's time is spent in worship, prayer, and Bible Study. They call her Firewalker Mary.
by The Metalcore Church May 30, 2022
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1337 guy who ownz the channel #firewalker @ quakenet, biatch.
Oh FiReWaLkEr, you are so 1337.
by myself biatch February 8, 2005
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