Typically used by older generations to explain something "dope". Younger generations may describe as something being "Lit"
Old dude: Dude, that movie was 🔥 fire emoji.
Young lady: Yeah it was totally lit!
Old dude: No, it was fire!
by Mebster06 August 7, 2017
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A emoji commonly used to tell someone that you think they are hot. Can be used in sexting.
A:heyy see you later tonight babe 😉😉
B:yeahh it going to be great💦💦
Fire emoji:ocasionally used in sexting or telling someone you think there hot.
by TheFrankinationRelatation December 7, 2016
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Someone may use this emoji to indicate that they are gay (used in text)
“Recently ive been thinking that im a little fire emoji (🔥) if u know what i mean"
by YOURMOM69420LMAOOO June 14, 2021
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