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Any fart that burns your ass on it's way out. Usually happens after eating very spicy foods and usually smell extra horrible. NOTE - the Fire Fart does not require a lighter, matches, or any other ignition source. For lighting your farts on fire please see "gay fraternity stunt".
After eating all those hot chicken wings, I laid a fire fart that burned a hole in my car seat.
by Lazy Iguana April 03, 2007
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Verb. The act of holding a match to your buttocks when you have to pass gas. May cause severe rectal burns if not practiced properly.
Tony's firefart went twenty feet, but he was on the hospital for monthes as a result.
by Rather_Large_Wombat March 21, 2008
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3 Chili Dogs
1 Six-pack of Beer
1 Bic Lighter.
Eat the weenies, drink the beer, ignite the lighter, place it up to your ass and make sure the cat is out of sight. WARNING: Do not try this while in your underwear.
"P. U. I just blew the lid off my house with that fire fart."
by Creedmoor April 25, 2006
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A fart that feels like your ass is on fire. It usually smells worse than regular farts. Usually occurs after eating chips with sauce after watching a Football game, or eating spicy exotic foods.
Hey, I think i'll have a fire fart.

Then get away from me!
by mburrows December 23, 2012
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