When you stick your finger in someone else's fist repeatedly.
Nathan and Cameron had vigorous Finger Sex during class. Cameron's finger broke from the finger sex, maybe next time he'll wear protection.
by Maryhadalittledick March 19, 2016
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The act of putting a condom (used or not) on your fingers as many as you please or even your whole fist and have your partner create a hole with their hand and you then insert your fingers or fist into the hole and move in out repeatedly multiple times
Me and my friend had great finger sex at the back of the church
by Im great at english July 10, 2016
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when a girl or guy sticks his or her finger(s) up a girl. Or when a girl uses her fingers to "rub" her genitals for sexual pleasure.
Sam and Kenzie had finger sex
by bellacancomtrol June 27, 2018
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someone who f@*ks everything they touch.
put the spanner down sex fingers
steve strange
by nakeddave October 22, 2007
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