A pair of male, spacey-eyed, delusional beings (of questionable Homo Sapiens lineage) known for greedy ad revenue grabbing, failed attempts at global domination, unblinking lack of introspection, and enthusiasm for a "community" locked down by over-reaching trademark claims.
Check out the ironic audacity and malformed heads on these Fine Bros!
by deftpink February 2, 2016
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People that have a popular youtube channel with an infantile "format" and are totally money grabbing douches.
"Your the biggest Fine Bros I ever met!"
"Dude, uncool. Are you even licensed to say that?"
by somethingsomethingjohn January 30, 2016
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Two fuck bros (Known as : Rafi Fine and Benny Fine aka Fine Bros) who wanted to trademark the word "react"
Rafi: Hey Benny let's start react world to make more money by exploiting our subs!
Benny: Yeah let's do it
Rafi: rofl we are gonna be so rich
Internet : Fuck you (CRITICAL HIT -400k subs)
Console: Fine Bros are dead you win 300xp
by Jew fuck bros February 2, 2016
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