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The excessive amount of body hair accumulated after only a few years after hitting puberty, extremely black and greasy, resembling pubic hair, and strands are often knotted. Combing is actually strongly encouraged. The main area of infection of this disease is the hind-quarters, or "arse." This hair is extremely disgusting, and those who are infected with it are often mistaken for an ape when seen from behind. Do not feel offended if those showering beside you move a few shower heads down. Many common side effects: depression, baldness, young kids looking as if they were 42,poor soccer abilities, and strong attraction towards too young members of the opposite sex. Many grow up to become child offenders. Infects commonly those from North Carolina and members of the high, upper class.
Wow, that soccer goalie in the shower must have Finch Hair, he looked as if he were forty-two years old!
by *69TIGER69* November 05, 2008
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