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To eat something that makes you sick, then shart while puking.
Liz ate some bad Jambalaya and then she laid down a heinous Filthy Fuentes.
by Nambla Rob March 30, 2006
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The coordinated act of eating a meal that sickens oneself, quickly leading to an intense situation where one sharts while concurrently vomiting.

May be related to the Spanish translation of the word Fuentes, in this case meaning 'Filthy Fountain', due to the output of nasty material at the same time from various orifices, much like a filthy fountain.
An eat-with-your-hands dinner theater event at the local Renaissance Fair initiated the chain of events that ultimately led Phyllis to be the victim of a Filthy Fuentes she will not soon forget.
by Lucille Henderson April 18, 2006
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Engaging in tender ass play with a female while she has a ball gag in her mouth, leading to increasing intensity, ultimately resulting in gagging on your vomit with ball gag in mouth and dirty anal discharge.
Pablo was getting it on with Daisy and it was getting intense. Once Pablo starting working the ass, he gave Daisy a taste of the Marcellus Wallace, leading to a nasty Filthy Fuentes.
by Aureo Sanchez July 19, 2006
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