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A company that branched from "The SiB Company" (the other branch was "Sib Tower-12, Inc." with Chuck Jones) that was founded by Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott. (All three of these companies had a downwards-pointing chevron, or V-shaped arrow, in their logos) Filmation's logo also contained a smiley face, and later changed to a multicolor logo on a black background.

Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott had a spinning "producers" logo until Norm Prescott's semi-retirement. They animated for Star Trek, Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids, The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show, and BraveStarr. It also produced "The Ghost Busters", a live action program that was made before the popular film "Ghostbusters". The two concepts are not related.

Filmation competed with Hanna-Barbera because Filmation made a Batman show with Adam West and Burt Ward during Hanna-Barbera's Superfriends (which also had Batman and Robin, but not voiced by Adam West and Burt Ward). During the 1980s, Hanna-Barbera began outsourcing its animation and co-producing with Wang Film Productions Cuckoo's Nest Studio. Meanwhile, Filmation boasted "Made Entirely in the USA." in the production credits.

Filmation is owned by DreamWorks. Nobody has made any shows under the Filmation name since 1988.
"Filmation should have done He-Man and the Masters of the Universe without Orko."
"I agree. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is way better."
by In_Correct October 24, 2012
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