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When you are in a relationship with a person who is dealing with their last relationship and the damage that was done. The important thing to remember is it takes time for that person to work through how and why it didn't work. If they wanted to be with that person, they's just part of the process. It's significantly tougher if the ex treated them badly, because they can't understand why. They spend too much time looking in the past and not enough time looking in the present and the future. They are closed off to you because the wound is still fresh. This can cause insecurity, frustration, helplessness, loneliness and sometimes even anger. How strong are you? Are you strong enough and skilled enough to fight with ghosts?
Dragonfly has been struggling since she broke up with the spider. He was manipulative, used her for sex and didn't really care about her life. But he manipulated her and pleased her physically, so she can't let it go. She can't see the sunshine around her, the love of the those here to protect her and show her the joy in each and every day. It would be easier if he were standing here in front of me instead of just living in her's like fighting with ghosts.
by LovetheDragonfly October 27, 2013
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