the spell harry potter used to abort his and professor mcgonnogal's baby so ginny didnt find out
"harry, you must perform fetus deletus to stop this"
by kittehmining234 February 25, 2015
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An alternative name for abortion. However, the procedure is slightly different. Whereas an abortion is performed professionally by doctors, fetus deletus refers to a quick and hard blow to the fetus from an outside force. It may be voluntary, self-inflicted, or involuntary.
Female: My fetus died!
Doctor: Was it preformed professionally?
Female: No, this asshole just came up and punched me!
Doctor: Hm...sounds like a case of fetus deletus.
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by Nitrocidic_UB March 03, 2018
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When yo gurl get preggers and only an attempt at magic can save you.
Harmione: Harry, I’m pregnant!
Ron: Bloody Hell.
by santasmummy December 08, 2017
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