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The Incliningly disturbing act in which two or more unborn fetus' engage in the act of war, which may include such actions as turf wars, kiddnapping, "gang banging", pack rape, drive by's and black mailing, Every year there is a reported average of 8,513,328 deaths from this traumatising act of war every year, Through scientific research show that this may be the reason for the thining numbers of twins, tripplet,quadtuplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, setuplets, octuplets, nontuplets and dodecatuplets. It has also been said, that on christmas day they put their war/s aside and engage in a friendly game of soccer, this is in respect to those fetus' who died in the great fetal war of '96 in which 2,000,000 odd fetus' lost thier lives defending their womb, in 150,000 different women/man.
Examples of what a Fetal War may be like:

Fetal Gang #1: Им дешава те убити лудака!
Fetal Gang #2: AHHH! за мать Россия!
Fetal Gang #3: Yo fools dont make me be drive byin yo unborn asses.
Fetal Gang #4:イル鋼の刃と私と私の大きなホンダの市民を殺す
Fetal Gang #5:ام هل ستكون ضربة!
Fetal Gang #6:Sind Sie jüdisch? Hagel Hitler / Feten!
by someweido April 19, 2009
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