One of the most beautiful and exotic cars you could ever purchase. Followed by the F50 which was a travesty. If you ever really wanted a true sports car and didn't just want to impress people, an F40 would be the car you would buy. Sparked a large debate between the superiority of the F40 and Porsche 959. One of the first cars to incorporate to a large extent technology that was in F1 cars. This made the car incredible, but hindered the long term reliability, however, if you could afford the car to begin with you probably don't care about money or writing large checks frequently.
Overpaid Doctor: Ya I really like my Porsche Boxster, it handles so well and looks so cute.
Prominent Attorney: Hey good for you, my Ferrari F40 actually is a legitimate car and doesn't make me look like i am trying to compensate for my small package.
by J Dog12 March 28, 2009
Car released to the press in 1987 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari. Took over from the Porsche 959 as world's fastest road car.
It appears in the origianal gta game under the name F-18
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004