An exceptionally hot young lady who is mentally unstable demonstrating the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder. These woman often pick out a nice all American guy that is below their league in the looks department with a high earning potential, of logic mind, exceptionally stable mind, & responsible individuals. They tend to corrupt & ruin their victims & suitors. They can be compared to the "Sirens of the Odyssey". They become exactly what their suitor wants them to become & once committed are hell bent on inflicting emotional pain on their loved ones. Not to be confused with the kitten; Bobcat; Puma; Cougar; Jaguar... A Feral cat is not defined by age. I high number of divorced Pumas & Cougars are likely to be Feral Cats. 1 in 33 hot chicks are thought to be Feral Cats - BEWARE
My exwife; Nicole Richie; Paris Hilton; George Bush Daughters

I was married to a Feral Cat for 8 years of misery
by Kevin Coin August 29, 2007
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a woman who isnt a cougar yet but wants to have everything(condo, kids, and career) but hasnt become hatful yet
That girl is really cute but shes almost a feral cat watch your self
by victim of feral cats February 4, 2010
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This is when one person bites the back of the neck of another person and proceeds to mount them in that position in a more exaggerated "doggie style"- the way two feral cats would. Some sort of anal fingering or licking must also take place at some point in the sexual encounter because feral cats ofter forage through rubbish. An excess of disturbing cat noises is preferred.
I think my roommate was playing feral cats last night. I kept hearing all kinds of meowing and screeching sounds.
by Pegglemaster2011 August 13, 2011
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Mostly Jazz musicians that hang around Chicago's South Side.
Man, we goin out again tonight without a care in the world to listen to these feral cats play in that club.

Bobby Peru got nothin on us.
by s6's brother November 4, 2021
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