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\fē-mōn\ noun

When a feminine individual whines or complains needlessly. Especially when said complaint stems from the inability of the feminine mind to comprehend logic.
1. Some stupid bitch was femoaning all last night about how some guy mansplained to her that the wage gap isn't real.

2. God, I just wanting to have a beer and watch the T.V. but my old lady wouldn't stop femoaning about doing the damn dishes.
by Wordsmith_42 June 10, 2017
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When a feminist shames, calls out, or insults men who use such things as facts, data, and definitions to make well-reasoned and insightful observations about the world, in an attempt by said feminists to systematically subjugate such men.
I'll keep mansplaining as long as you keep femoaning there, sweet tits.
by VickC June 10, 2017
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