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Noun- an informal word used to identify the knowledge of felon populations

Felonosophy (plural Felonosophies)

A belief or doctrine of felon populations; culture, ideals, beliefs,views, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, barriers
Variable by location
Upheld by the reformed

Philosophy of Felons

basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual from the felons' view of criminal justice and criminology
"All people need a voice of representation; felonosophy is an outlook, a view from the inside out."

"She found a website called, felonosophy dot com and immediately connected with support and resources."

"People will follow what is right and holds true; felons are beginning to view felonosophy as a method of relating socially, without being stigmatized."

"My friend writes to me from solitary confinement and we generate ideas to contribute to the concept of felonosophy."
by MissMisunderstoodKansas June 15, 2013
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