the combonation of getting a blowjob (fellacio), and then cumming on the girls face (facial).
by st lunatix August 08, 2007
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the combination of getting fellatio (blowjob) from a girl and then cumming on her face (facial).
by saint lunatik August 19, 2007
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Someone who takes pleasure in receiving cum blasts to the face after performing mouth to cock resuscitation. Derived from its Latin root fellatio, meaning to suck. Combined with facial, the act of taking a load to the face.
Due to Greg Davis' nervous nature in awkward social settings, he compulsively blows massive meat members for the gooey white filling reward to the face. He is known as captain Fellacializer.

"Dude did you see that porn? That girl took one to the face! She is such a Fellacializer!"
You need to be more specific, that's every porn.
by Gregory B Davis June 19, 2009
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Adj. a pay off or reward with benifits comprarable to oral sex.

Modern English early 21st century, Coined Andy Lowes

Man, that skateboard trick I just landed was fellacious! That chocolate was better than good, it was fellacious!
by Andy Lowes June 23, 2007
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A natural beauty treatment that greatly enhances the skin tone and general attractiveness of the female face. Also widely used to increase female bust measurements.
'ok, enough of that, now I'm gonna give you a fellacial'
by Monica Bobbington March 03, 2005
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Having the desire to suck up to, or suck on something.

Derived from the term fellatio.
The apple fanboy wrote a fellacious review of the new Macbook Pro.
by edboy May 19, 2006
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