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the combonation of getting a blowjob (fellacio), and then cumming on the girls face (facial).
by st lunatix August 08, 2007
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the combination of getting fellatio (blowjob) from a girl and then cumming on her face (facial).
i need me some fellacial
by saint lunatik August 19, 2007
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A natural beauty treatment that greatly enhances the skin tone and general attractiveness of the female face. Also widely used to increase female bust measurements.
'ok, enough of that, now I'm gonna give you a fellacial'
by Monica Bobbington March 03, 2005
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1. (noun) The act of a male receiving oral sex from a female counterpart, and then busting on her face, specifically in the eye region.

2. (noun) to receive oral sex on a glacier.

3. (adjective) the euphoria felt when receiving oral sex.
1. John gave Marie a fellacial after a night on the town because he decided she wasn't worth seeing again.

2. If Jack and Rose had jumped ship before the Titanic sank, then he could have received a proper fellacial so that he could have been the one to let go.

3. Receiving oral sex for the first time gave Michael a fellacial.
by Darren F. March 04, 2008
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