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A Patronymic surename created from a form of the medieval personal name "Philip."
It was also a habitational name from a place name in Oxfordshire. Forms of the name such as Filking(es) are found in the region from the 12th and 13th century. First found in Cheshire where they were seated anciently as Lords of the Manor.
" She's very loyal, like a Felkins"
by Katie Felkins August 04, 2008
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A Dutch Surname derived from Fel(penis) and kine(that which is bent). Males with this surname tend to have oddly shaped penises.
Girl 1: Hey how did your date with that Felkins guy go?
Girl 2: (sitting in a wheelchair) It was crazy! It's true what they say, his penis is a pentagonal Duo decahedron!
by Mynoduesp ym July 07, 2016
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