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An amazing and nice person named Felicia but nicknamed Felicialicious. Also Felicialicious is a non existing word that can be used to talk about a really awesome or cute object.
Example 1:
Abigel: Man look at that top!
Becca: I know it's totally Felicialicious.

Example 2:
Luke: Wow look at that girl!
Jared: Yeah that girl is so Felicialicious.
by yeahmayne May 19, 2010
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(1)Also known as Felicious, commonly referred to females who have the ability to give you an erection just by their cute smile or their sexy voice

(2)A combination of the name Felicia and the word delicious

(3)A female with the ability to keep you in an everlasting love spell even if you were a complete manwhore

(4)A female with no imperfections

(5)The action of a perfect delicious woman riding on a man's face
Wow Jennifer Lopez is almost Felicialicious .

Be careful with that girl, she might be a Felicialicious, and break your heart for the rest of your life if you ever split up.

Damn bro, check that girl out. I would let her Felicialicious me all night long till the sun comes up.
by jimmyg September 18, 2012
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