Noun, 3 or more feet

1 foot is "foot"
2 feet is "feet"
3+ feet is "feetus"
While at the beach I looked down and saw bare feetus everywhere.
by Neuroflesh January 20, 2011
The part of your leg that needs to be amputated.
John didn't want to be amputated, but his feetus was rotting.
by COZX June 15, 2018
The feet of an immature human, or fetus.
Man, that feetus soup really hit the spot!
by Shin_ May 25, 2005
A spell that only those of a higher IQ ( a.k.a Rick and Morty Fans ) use for easier abortion.
Girl: Honey, Im gregnant!!
Boy: Feetus Deletus!
by Analnuke July 1, 2018
when someone is throwing a baby. the baby is a "feetus" and "yeetus" meaning to throw.

mom: ew i need to yeet this feetus
mom *throws across the room
mom: ew i need to yeet this feetus
dad: wait doesnt "yeetus the feetus" mean throwing the bab-
mom *throws across the room*
by tf dont ask questions.. April 16, 2019
yeeting a fetus as far as humanly possible
Rachel- ‘It was such a good day today, the yeetus feetus tactic really worked for me!!!’
by Yeetinglotsofthings September 18, 2018