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Feed The Monkey refers to a fuelling of desire.

Usually this desire is something one doesnt want to do, but is addicted to it because of the way it makes him/her feel about himself/herself.. like getting high.. or playing poker.. or going to a strip club.

Scientifically speaking, 'feeding the monkey' is feeding the dopamine gland in the brain..
'I don't think you should break up with her just because she gives lapdances to your family members in fancy restaurants.. She's gotto feed the monkey..
by skeptikalia August 31, 2011
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When one does something they know they shouldn't do.
Often used in poker terms, where someone calls hands they shouldn't, but applicable to several life situations.
Origins come from zoo patrons who feed the monkeys, ignoring the signs prohibiting such conduct. Usually in return the monkeys throw their feces at them.
"Wow... Patrick just lost like half his chip stack.." 'Yeah.. he keeps feeding the monkey."

"I'm so full.. but it's ALL YOU CAN EAT." "You're going to pay for it later if you keep feeding the monkey man..."
by JHall1790 February 11, 2008
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Ethics of Smoking 101: Feeding the Monkey.
1. When your friend is too high to hit a piece all by them self, you preform an action of "gratidude".

1a. You counter with a snide remark to make it unnoticeable. (because yous not a bitch).

2. Always have fun doing what you do, but make sure to preform some "gratidude".

3. Sometimes a "gratidude" card is adminstered upon feeding the monkey, you become monkey trainer (you gain +1 monkey handler skill).
Corey was too blazed to hit that shit, so...I feed the monkey!!!

Your grandma is too old to hold the old bong, so...I FEED THE MONKEY

Look at how nice that orangutans is! He is feeding the monkey!

You get a "senceLi" to feed the monkey.
If Still confused...see "Gratidude"
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