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1. An officer of The Gape. But higherclass officers eventually become a Federal Rapist. This officer may sit down with you , without any sort of notice, and makes sure that whomever your on a date with , and mainly , POF dates, are putting out. Else, The Federal Rapist may inspect that butthole for you, making sure she will clench up her rooter for you. No one likes to not gape on a first date. No one.

If one must not get to gape a tight butt every once in a while, and perhaps maybe never has done so , then one might be a Federal Rapist. This can also occur if someone fucks "fake butts" , FleshLights, or putts dildos in their buttholes but doesnt get to actually gape anything. (ref code std string "gape" = to sex something, while preferably getting to "gape" that ass. Or just google it, for heavens to betsy)
Rich-" pound for pound, I really get to pound NOTHING on plenty of fish. Should I kill myself?"
Tim " The answer is simple. Become a Federal Rapist. Plenty of benefits, and you can legally smash any butthole you wish. But hey, its mainly the job of a Federal Rapist to make sure that all women will put out on first date. Cheer up Rich! In the meantime, go fuck that fake butt of yours. It needs lovin. And maybe some cleaning.
by Doctorate of The Gape May 26, 2015
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