horny, weird lil perverted man who is deathly afraid of cheese but is still cool in a twisted way
do you have any cheese!? fedes coming!!!
by Anumy November 25, 2006
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the ugliest, weirdest, shortest, yet most funnyest girl in school. a LITTLE slutty, but still cool...admired by EVERYBODY.
Fede is SO SO SO hot, i want to be her....but actually i dont, cuz dude look at how huge her hands are.
by Allison (skanksta) March 31, 2003
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a crew obsessed girl who enjoys playing tricks on sob with her favorite people(me)
Woah thank the lord i know a fede because she taught me how to row!!!!
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
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To fake a back injury or other illness and use that as an excuse not to go out with your buddies.
Damn man i think im all feded out, i wont be able to make it today.
by Mr. filthy Mcnasty November 26, 2004
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