The day where all the baddest bitches are born. They really pretty, and obviously gorgeous! Never lose a February 20 girl
February 20 ayee
by One and only32 October 17, 2019
February 20th is a day where the man you care most about needs to text you all day and do whatever you ask
Girl:Hey can I have you hoodie

Girl:Because it’s February 20 and I ask for your hoodie
by Gaga gaga gag February 17, 2020
Bf: here’s a teddy bear!!
Gf: why did you get me a teddy??
Friend: bc it’s February 20th duhhh?
by Darthvader2020 February 13, 2022
February #20 the day where people with big dicks are born that deserve hot girls
February 20 holy shit sweetheart your hot holy shot honey u have a big dick
by Bobber December 8, 2019
February is the day when you confess to your crush.
I told my crush I liked him on February 20
by Facts._. February 17, 2021
February 20 is finger your girl in the shower day! Woohoo!
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen Matt tonight?
Guy 2: Nah bro, but it's February 20 so he could be busy fingering his girl in the shower
by craigslistboy222 October 23, 2019