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Fearotica or Fearotic Arts:

Terms created by the Artist and painter Ariock, known as Ariock Leca Umhr SoniT to represent his own creations, style and artwork themes.

Fearotica, contraction of the world Fear and Erotica, is the representation of High Quality elements in an seriously composed Occult Erotic Horror drama, symbolism, scene or scenario.

This word stands for the combination of extreme visual and psychological horror, unspeakable creatures, blood and organic elements, Dark and scary to pure abomination, merged with extreme physical Beauty attributes, high standard Glamour, nude or erotic models in situations of sexual pleasure and desire, seductive or attractive attitudes, in a unholy/non Christian Occult symbolism, primal cults, paganism witchcraft, Goetia Demonology and Cthonian Myths, from the prehuman ages, akkadian and Sumerian to our times.

Following the gnosis of the Chaos magick by Peter J Caroll, Fearotica could be the absolute conjunction of the two extreme arrows on the same line of the Chaos emotional duality chart ” the root of every emotion is always its opposite” , represented by Coagula, the principle of attraction, and Solve the principle of repulsion : Fear and desire, the other nuances known as Sex and Death and Love and hate, completed by Four elementals, Pain and Pleasure, Elation and Delation.

As Ariock says, some artists are known to have experienced the same passion for extreme alliances, like HR Giger, Peter witkin, Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, HP Lovecraft, Gustave Moreau, Gerome Bosh and many others, he has, since the beginning of his career, dedicated himself to expend one of those extreme alliances, by giving it a Name and pursuing the work of madmen and heretics who’ve been creating Artworks since the beginning of humanity, contributing to open the gates a little wider…”
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by Ariock April 01, 2009
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