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The politicians who are now in office across the United States. The politician's that keep us all in "fear" FEAR FEAR FEAR! of non existant "imminent" terrorist attacks, so they can "protect" us by taking away our freedoms, given to us by the Constitution of the United States.
The politician's that think that the reason we were attacked on 9/11 and any other time in history is because we are a "free Christian" nation and not because of the "American Empire" we have been building around the world since the end of WWII.
Cliff:I don't know who to vote for..Obama has very socialist views and wants to tax me to death to pay lazy people and to take care of people in Africa with Aids and Mccain is a Fear-atician who wants to take over the world and keep us all afraid of the world around us and sway us into giving up our freedoms and privacy.
Stacy: Looks like we need a 3rd party on the ballot,like a Constitutionalist. Maybe one day the American people will want Real Change.
by Whitebread0000 September 12, 2008
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