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Ever been out to the bar and see "that girl" but you don't know exactly what to call her?

Or how about when the biggest douchebag person in your group of party peeps for the night happens to be female?

Deriving from the abbreviated word for douchbag (D-bag), Fe-baggs generally emerge in the form of socially inept, overly/underly dressed, fake, pretenious, ugly, lame, obnoxious and rude women.

As an FYI- The correct spelling involves a superfluous "g" at the end of "bag". This symbolizes the general awesomeness and uniqueness endemic to a true Fe-bagg.
"OMG Carley, that girl is such f-ing Fe-bagg."

"That Fe-bagg is a Debbie Downer, let's ditch her at the next bar."

"Don't talk to that Fe-bagg, she is a Hot Ass Mess...She's stumbling all over the place!"

"Could she be wearing anymore jewelry? Yeah that's a pretty Fe-bagg move."

"Look...over there...That Fe-bagg is sporting a pro-popped collar!"

"That's a pretty Fe-baggy move..."

"Fe-bagging commences at the Cedar Hotel at 5:30pm"
by Fe-bagg #1 September 10, 2009
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