Amazing American restraunt. They have a deal where you get 2 entrees and unlimited breadsticks with a drink for $6. They are mostly known for their heavenly breadsticks. Legend has it you can squeeze them and all the butter will come out, because they are drenched in it. Fazolis is a 5 star fast food restaurant everyone should try. -tugs ear-
June- Have you ever ate at Fazolis?
Day- No, but rumor has it they have breadsticks to die for.
by Cecil_breadsticks February 23, 2021
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you take a fazoli bread stick and stick it up a girls vagina, then you eat her out and eat the bread stick out of her vagina at the same time
fazolis should really put the fazoli fillet on their menu
by bmx94 December 7, 2010
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this challenge is not for the feint of heart. it is a simple challenge, all you have to do is eat 3 dozen (36) bread-stick's in one hour without anything to drink. the participants should not have to pay for the bread-sticks. if the participants should complete the challenge, then he or she will be declared a fazoli's master.
Hunter: Yo bro you up for some fazoli's?
Ryan: Only if you take the fazoli's challenge
Hunter: Whats the challenge?
Ryan: oh you just gotta eat 36 breadsticks in one hour with NOTHING to drink. And if you can do it, you will be crowned a fazoli's master
Hunter: Oh you're on bro, that's pussy work.
by muthrphukr June 25, 2011
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An Italian American fast food chain founded in 1988
Fazoli's is the best
by SPrice1980 April 17, 2022
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