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Fake Burberry. can be used with all fake designer wear, i.e. Fucci, Fercace, Folce and Gabanna, Fauxlono Blaniks....
Jane's Fauxberry scarf and Fucci purse didn't fool anyone.
by TheDresser October 31, 2009
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Used to denote conterfeit Blueberry marijuana.

Usually fauxberry weed will consist of lower-quality weed sprayed with blueberry-flavored tobacco sweetener to make it smell like blueberries.
That shit I got from your "buddy" was fucking fauxberry! It was just schwag with blueberry flavoring!
by dao April 21, 2006
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A fake, barely identifiable fruity taste associated with many popular softdrinks. It's a not quite grape, not quite raspberry taste. It reminds you of more than one thing but nothing in particular.
A new energy drink comes out in a flavor "Razzilicious" The ingredients say artificial flavors. It kind of has a hint of raspberry but there might be plum or kumquat or jack fruit or banana or passion fruit or concord grape thrown in. Kinda like the people staying at a motel who make fake margaritas by buying beer, orange juice and salt at a convenience store. The only word to describe it is simufruit orfauxberry.
by RogueSun July 01, 2009
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