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a person, most commonly a female, who engages or claims to engage in activities with the same sex in order to appear more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex. The activities include complimenting, flirting, fondling, groping, dancing provocatively, kissing, etc.

This behavior stems from the presence of major personal insecurities and the misinformation that all members the opposite sex (most commonly males) desire bisexuals, threesomes, and lewd conduct.
All the women on this website seem to be bi-sexual. I'm fairly certain most of them are only saying that to attract more guys. Friggin' Faux-Bi Fakers.
by All Hail the Infidel September 16, 2010
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girls who can kiss girls & like it ..and can play around naked with each other with a boy in the mix...but don't & won't go down on girls or have sex with them with a strap-on or anything. they find other girls sexy and attractive but they would never have an actual girlfriend. They truly only want to be with men.
I make-out with girls and play around with them but I don't want a girlfriend, I'm faux-bi.
by brix702 September 02, 2010
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