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A faux feminist is just that, a fake feminist. This can be for various reasons, such as a person claiming to be a feminist to 'fit in' with a group of people, or a person who uses feminism to bash and belittle non-feminists (usually men). They generally only use feminism to hurt or attack others.
Jennifer: All men are rapists and killers!!

Sam: Well, not all men ar-

Jennifer: "Not all men", *laughs* Please cry more.

Sam: Well some feminists are problematic as wel-

Jennifer: Whoa, don't group all feminists together, that's stereotyping!!

Sam: *under breath* God, what a faux feminist.
by Leo_Ascendent May 19, 2015
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Someone who claims to be a feminist, yet does nothing to help aid feminism and/or blatantly goes against feminism either by excluding transgender people (see TERF), slut-shaming, victim-blaming, focusing only on white women (see White Feminism), attacking men in the name of feminism (see Misandry), or supporting sexual predators, or silently standing by on crucial social issues and therefore adding to the problem.
Molly is saying that she's a feminist, but she never does anything to help feminism and most of the time I actually see her hurting the cause.
Yeah, I know, she is no better than those who are actively against feminism. Molly is a Faux-Feminist.
by megyn9972 January 14, 2018
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