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The Fatophobe is generally an ignorant redneck bigot that thinks fat women should be the subject of ridicule. (NB Fatophobes like their women the thinner the better - if their are ribs sticking out, JACK POT!).

The fatophobe will make fun of any fat women - and if she dares to act like she is actually attractive and worthy of the same attention as her skinny counterparts, the fatophobe will target her even more.

The fatophobe's habitat is everchanging, and he is everywhere. However, the fatophobe is often seen with his fatophobe mates making fun of the larger lady - particualry in bars, or public events where large amounts of alcohol are available. He rarely works alone - only feeling 'funny' when he is with his other very clever and funny friends.

Fatophobe: 'hi there - how are you?
Fat chick: 'Good thanks - how are you?
Fatophobe: "Good. My mates and I were just talking and we wanted to tell you something"
Fat chick: "Whats that?"
Fatophobe: "Well, we wanted to tell you that you had a really nice face - but that you would have to lose about 30 pounds before any of us would fuck you' (hear the sounds of many fatophobes laughing).

by Tassiechik March 11, 2008
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When fat (women in paticular) persons are upset that no one wants to have sex with them because they are fat. So they made up this word to try and shame them.
Fat chick: Hey do you want to go on a date sometime?
"Fatophobe": No i dont date fat chicks i dont find them appealing to me.
Fat chick : Fuck you you fatophobe!
"Fatophobe": I am allowed to choose what women i find appealing you fat prick now get out of my face.
by Anti-SJW July 20, 2016
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