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Definition1: The name of the Prophet (pbh)'s favorite daughter.

Definition2: The most beautiful girl in the world. She is sweet and elegant. She manages to be shy and confident all at the same time.Her voice is soft but unwavering and when she smiles at me my heart sings.Fatmah is wise and patient. She is easygoing and understanding. She isnt afraid to have fun, and at the same time religion takes precedence over anything else in her life. She is able to seemlessly merge personality, religion and her culture. She knows what she wants of her future, and I hope I am part of it.
Fatmah is everything women should strive to be.
by IbnalBalad October 04, 2011
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Of Indian origin, meaning Big heart and a bigger booty. Retail associates worst nightmare, usually looks bitchy, but never unintentional (i think)
1. There comes Fatmah with her kids, I'm going on break!
2. God bless the man who married Fatmah.
by hibo October 14, 2014
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