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Some fucker that used to own a DSM that sits in #dsm all day and says dumb shit.
(21:37:57) (@Fathouse) I dunno if I wanna masturbate tonight or not
by fathouse February 19, 2004
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"Where fat people go to not be fat anymore"

Troubled individuals unite, share stories, encourage and feel a genuine acceptance when they enter Fat House. Reason for creation - to aid in rapid weight loss.
"Peter had a problem with, not only his out look on life but his body image. Look at Peter now, he's the happiest he's ever been! All thanks to FAT HOUSE!"
by deltronzero September 03, 2007
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This is a term used not for being fat, but for consuming large amounts of food.
Man, I just ate so much Wendy,s!!! Im such a fathouse!! Lets get some ice cream!!
by Dr, Deers January 19, 2009
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