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A sport played in the USA. One of the few existing sports where obesity is required to play. Primarily played by fat men. The object of the game is to get in as many sex positions as you can with your fellow male opponent within 11 minutes, and give Budweiser an excuse to show beer ads for an hour, while fooling viewers into thinking the real objective is to touch the ball down in a designated area of the field in 60 minutes. So boring and gay it cannot be played outside the USA, because people of other nationalities do not have the required qualities, i.e. short attention spans, weak bladders and outright homosexuality, to watch two seconds of it without puking and running out of their houses with wet towels on their heads, shouting,"That's(expletive) gay!"
52% of fatball viewers prefer watching Budweiser ads than the sport itself. gayball queerball fagball
by RedEdSaid July 19, 2010
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people who think they're entitled for more than one seat on car/plane/bus/train because they decide to eat what is tasty, not what is healthy.
I am not talking about few extra pounds or even overweight people. I am talking about seriously OBESE fatballs, who think that their choice of lifestyle entitles them to more seats on public transport, more frequent healthcare checks, priority parking lots etc.
by 32121 December 19, 2017
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A sport, only played by Americans (and somtimes Candaians).

It involves 22 overweight to obese players(usually in the double digit IQ range) throwing a Prolate spheroid and jumping on eachother.
Dude, why does anyone watch Fatball? It's just a bunch of fat sweaty idiots in tights jumping on eachother, grabbing balls. can it get any more gay?
by REAL Football player January 09, 2009
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A man with larger than average testicles.
"Man, Stew has got some Fat Balls".

"Stew is all balls" - "yeah man, he has serious fat balls".
by MIKE WINNET May 05, 2018
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