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A weekly event where male apes seek out fat chicks for carnal pleasures.

Fat Chick Friday can be competitive; each ape hunts for the most disgusting fat chick beastie to be slain on a trundle bed.

Fat Chick Friday tends to result in a mix of hilarious tales of triumphs and sorrows. It is growing in popularity nation-wide in the U.S. Some countries cannot celebrate the holiday due to lack of fat chicks.

Note: The trundle bed is not the only proper place to slay these beasties. Get creative.
Ape 1: "It's Fat Chick Friday!"
Ape 2: "FCF baby!"
Ape 3: "Once a fat chick gets a piece of meat, she won't let go!"
Ape 4: "I got one right now...Gitouttahere!"
by HungryEyesforFatChicks July 04, 2011
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