A lawless big woman who feasts on donuts and ice cream. Extremely mad when not fed
Here comes Wendi acting like a fat whale and eating all of Alexs food again
by Fat whale January 14, 2015
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No wonder they call her Coral she’s a beached fucking whale
Coral Where are u ?

I’m in the sea .
Fat Whale
by Mufasssaaa Miah September 06, 2018
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A teacher who is fat. You often can't tell if they are pregnant or just fat.
God, our algebra teacher is such a fat whale.
by BushyCuntDr4g0n July 20, 2017
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She is the dirt of all women, the bad part of female society, the definition of fat, and why women go puking their meals out and dieting: to not become an atrocious beast with 4 layers of fat and a belly like a fucking solar system.
Emily Newman is a fat female whale. She is so fucking fat, it's sickening to look at.
by Ye Yuhhh December 13, 2013
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You rock the greasy hair babe🤤you’re slighty over weight but dont even worry about it
They dont call you coral for nothing your a fat fucking whale xx
by 123hiv September 03, 2018
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