To cruise down the street in your car with the window rolled down with you arm hanging out the window making your muscles look bigger than they actually are.
by DaLumberjack June 18, 2008
A lesbian rower who is known to sleep with someones boy friend...also can be called ant farm or dykleznowkbi or horse face bird nose
by Young Nak and Lil' Ash Ass October 22, 2006
Fat girl with red spots on the skin above her elbow.
by Dizzle February 26, 2004
When one arm is bigger than the other for an odd reason.
Person 1: Man quarantine was extremely long for real!
Person 2: I got a Fat Arme because of that extensive quarantine.
Person 1: How you get that?
Person 2: *Trollge*
by FlareDaStriker April 28, 2022
The act of jiggling one's fat on the underside of the bicep area of their arm. This jiggling can also occur on the calves of their legs, Double Chin, Thigh, or stomach area.
"One moment, I must go arm fat that stranger over there."
by TheNoseSucker March 15, 2017