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Scene 1.
FAT ABBOT: "Hey, hey, hey, what's goin' on, Rudy?"
RUDY: "Man, Fat Abbot, you need to lose weight."
FAT ABBOT: "I lose weight when I feel like it, bitch! Shut your bitch ass mouth, ho!"
RUDY: "Bitch, I'll kick your ass!"
FAT ABBOT: "You think you so slick you punkass, blasphemous, dope fiend bitch! I had my jimmy whacked seven times last week! I bust a cap in your n*gga ass, shithead!"

Scene 2.
FAT ABBOT: "Hey, hey, hey, what's goin' down, y'all?"
RUDY: "Man, Fat Abbot, what you doin' on this side of the 'hood?"
FAT ABBOT: "You know somethin' Rudy? You're like school in the summertime."
RUDY: "School in the summertime?"
FAT ABBOT: "Yeah, bitch, school in summertime! Open your fucking ears motherfucking whore I'll pop your bitch ass!"
MUSHMOUTH: "I'll-ba pop-ba your-ba bitch-a ass-a too-ba, bitch-a."

Scene 3.
FAT ABBOT: "Hey, hey, hey! Hey, Yolanda, why your eye all black and blue and shit?"
YOLANDA: "Man, Fat Abbot, my stepdad popped me in my eye."
FAT ABBOT: "Stepdad?! You gotta op his ass!"
YOLANDA: "Really?"
FAT ABBOT: "Yeah, bitch! Snatch his ass in a bear trap! Leave that fucker swinging from a tree so high, nobody finds him for days! Glack, glack, you know what I'm sayin'? Dumbass n*gga whore shit damn!"
YOLANDA: "You're right, Fat Abbot, thanks!"
FAT ABBOT: "No problem, ho. Maybe later you can suck my dick, bitch ho shit!"
BILL COSBY: "Well, Fat Abbot and the gang sure did learn something today. If you got a stepdad ridin' your ass, just snatch his ass in a bear trap! CRACK! No more stepdad. See you next time eatin' the pudding."
by anonymous November 10, 2006
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Some guy in the south park episode to do with tree houses. A mini cartoon inside a cartoon. Takes the p*ss out of the cosby show.
I had my jimmy wacked 7 times last week, ill busta cap in your n*gga ass shit.
by Robson July 19, 2005
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a fat person. can be male or female, based on the spoof of popular childrens tv character, fat albert, Fat Abbot made his apearance on south park.
fuckin hell she is so fat. what a goddam fat abbot

Ur momma's a fat abbot

fat abbot u need a diet!
by Offender May 07, 2005
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