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Fake basic. Someone who wants to be basic but isnt
basic white girl starbucks
That's girl's so fasic. Just because she wears uggs does not mean she's basic.
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adjective. pronounced: ˈfāsik
Akin to slang "basic" but anagram for "CisAF". When a person's cis-ness is the root of their blandly stereotypical gender performance. Especially useful term when said basic behavior interrupts queer magic or is related to a heterosexual mating ritual.
Sorry I can't hear you, some fasic bros are screaming as they drunkenly shuffle down the sidewalk!!

Oh look, another fasic straight bachelorette party at the gay bar.

Ugh, check out that obviously fasic couple cruising for a third at the queer club.

Yeah they seem like typical Unicorn Hunters looking for a toy not a triad.

I thought it was common knowledge for cis straights in their 30's but this fasic guy had zero clue about birth control options.
by glaad to be here July 18, 2017
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