Fashion bloggers are a kind of species of fashionistas that dedicate their lives to their fashion blog, a place where they post pictures of the latest runway trends that no one can ever afford (including themselves) or pictures of themselves in slutty poses wearing things they considered fashionable, such as a fur coat with neon green booty shorts and high heels.
Fashion bloggers come in different personas, the most common cases include the stupid 14 year old rich girl, and the 25 year old single girl who can't afford shit.
Though most fashion bloggers are female, the male form has not been unheard off, though in most cases the specimen is gay.
This fashion blogger is so fabulous! I was reading her blog and apparently hot pink shoes are in now... I wonder If I should shave my head and weight 100 lb like the model in the picture?
by Lord of the fireflies August 23, 2009
A person who steadily collaborates photos of people who are thinner and cooler than them, hanging out with people cooler than their friends, in places cooler than they've ever been. This person doesn't really commit themselves to the trends that they copy out of russh and oyster mags, but lets their 'blog do the talking' about their unique style.
They then intersperce the photos that they have taken of their sisters/friends/from google with commentary that is largely irrelevant or selfrighteous, and not a lot more than what everyone else has been saying. Seem to think other people give a shit.
*Watching a girl walk down the street with a studded leather jacket and fake raybans*
-'Ooh, bang on trend' (sarcastically)
-'Yeah, definately a fashion blogger'
by smit1993 June 28, 2010