Fasheezy, derived from the slang "fosho" meaning for-sure. Fasheezy is a positive response from a statment or question.
A. That gurl Autumn is pretty.
B. Yea fasheezy.
A. Yo, could you hand me a cig?
B. O, fasheezy.
by K.JzA November 30, 2008
to puke, or blow chunks after drinking a lot of alcohol (espically lots of beer, whiskey, and vodka).
God-damn it! You fasheezied all over everything!
by Serge6986 December 29, 2010
One's proud declaration of affection for the Tar Heel State.
Nigga, I rep for da Cakaleezy fasheezy, you know how us Suthun' folk do.
by Anonymous September 2, 2003