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an adjective used to describe a fart so neatly potent and crisp-sounding in nature that one can almost picture an illustration of a fart so clean-cut and 'deliciously juicy'
that was an extremely fartalicious fart bertha just emitted
by hemik December 23, 2009
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1. A good tasting/smelling fart
2. A sarcastic way of saying something tastes really bad
Dude that fart was fartalicious
Man that food is so fartalicious it makes me cry
by CowsGoneWild February 19, 2007
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an exclamation one makes when doing an especially delicious and potent fart
Peter farts, the worst fart of all farts, the fart to kill all other farts in a fart stink-off!

Tim: Oh man Peter, thats the worst smelling fart ever!

Peter: Fartaliciousssssss!
by fart girl. or boy.......????? October 23, 2009
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