An mmorpg on Facebook in which you make a farm and do jobs for people so that you can make money. Highly addicting.
John was playing FarmTown all day, he even bought some new land!
by camthepizza July 14, 2009
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The scurge of the American workplace. A highly addictive spyware application disguised as a game, in which you build and upgrade your "farm" and hire people to harvest and plow for you, as well as get hired to harvest and plow for others. You earn "coins" for crops sold, and you can "buy" things from a "store" with the earned coins. You can also hang out at the market and chat if you can stand to see the little beggars degrading themselves all for a few fake coins to buy fake merchandise. This app can be found on Facebook or Myspace.

Not to be confused with FarmVille, a similar, but more complex version of the same concept.
1. Robin spent all her time playing Farmtown at work, and was taken by surprise when the clients starting pulling their accounts for non-compliance.

2. Why does my computer keep giving me an error message when I try to access my IE? It must be that damn Farmtown app I downloaded last week. I'm deleting that shit!
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 07, 2010
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