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When you find farming too easy and you need to “turn em’ green” in order to hit your weekly targets – It is common for the leader of the farm shout “Farm Harder” in order to ensure you “turn em’ green” and hit your farming targets. When it is shouted it is common to hear all the other farmers shout back in unison “Farm Harder” and this is usually proceeded by everyone “Farming Harder” and enjoying a cold Beer to celebrate hitting their farming targets. You could also shout “Up the Baggies” to illicit the same response.
Farm Harder...everyone is now farming harder to hit their targets
by Sizzler1 June 15, 2018
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The act of sneaking into a local farm yard and inserting your penis into one of the animals. Preferably a pig or horse. Once you are about to ejactualte one must shout “farm harder”
What did you get up to last night mate?

Snuck into the local farmers field for a game of farm harder. What a great looking horse.
by Lordofbants June 16, 2018
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