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A uniquely interesting girl who gets all the guys and makes all the girls want to be her.
Guy: "Damn! I need to get myself Farihah!"

Girl: "Me too!"
by davidoh3! May 05, 2009
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A girl with the amazing and rare tendency to dazzle everyone (pun not intended). Super bright, mentally and physically, as her smile can also wipe out a crowd of people, she has the natural gift of enthusiasm. Most always the trend-setter, she makes the word, and you best follow it!
Natasha: "DAMN Farihah's got it goin' on."

Kathryn: "If she was my homework, i would actually DO HER."

Valerie: "OMG I wish I was Farihah."

Natasha & Kathryn: "Yeah, well, you're not."
by natashaisasexybeast January 12, 2009
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Amazing girl, sweet, kind hearted, give you butterflies when u look into her eyes, she will always stay loyal to you no matter what, she is the type of girl that you can say I love you to for the rest of your life, is known for her long eyelashes, beautiful eyes and jaw dropping looks.
You are such a Farihah
by From: Monkey May 20, 2018
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