a place not far from Gosport, but far enough not to let the chavs overspill too much, people that live in Fareham tend to be slightly richer than the Gosport cavaran renting types. They hold down steady jobs within the small town centre with the most expensive form of pay and display car parks. Regular buses run to allow for people to leave fareham as frequently as needed, but most run into gosport so people soon return back to fareham glory.
Go to Fareham you're most likely to get shot than stabbed, thats always a benefit, in gosport they will do both. If you are gay go to gosport the local colleges support free gay love, in the corridors, and the toilets, and the classrooms with the teachers, most of the teachers require sexual intercourse as a form of passing the course.
Sleep with me or you will not pass i.c.t gay boy
if you won't sleep with me, you might as well be from chichester
you're face offends me, go back to gosport
us farehamians are far better than you.
by Fray March 19, 2007
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Between Gosport and Portchester. Farehamers count as the 'Posh Twats' That runs the area. The McDonald's workers will all fight you over an overdue bus ticket for a big Mac and Your likely to be shanked by orange tanned slags who like to display a whole cleavage for some chips. Your likely to hear everyone saying "Let's go for a cold one" whenever the sun's out and it's over 10 degrees. Also don't mess with Farehamers because word gets around quickly that your likely to be incestral.
People go to Fareham for cheap slags.
by BEATMEUPTHEN April 10, 2019
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This small town is situated between Gosport & Porchester, be careful if you are going to this town, the amount of wild chavs in Fareham is unprecedented in human history. They feel threatened by a presence of an alpha male as well as a glance over in their direction. Fareham occasionally stinks of urine as if someone had urinated on the side of the wall of most of the buildings in the centre. Various crimes committed in Fareham are associated to Chavs trying to assert their territory & dominance.

As much as Fareham seems like a quiet town however, everywhere you turn you are also most likely to smell weed, as wannabe gangstas and chavs carry it around without a care in the world.
Ay Mate, wanna go to Fareham?
I went to Fareham to see my friend, but I got mugged by Chavs.
Guys, I encountered a flock of wild Chavs in Fareham.
by Glacier Blue. April 25, 2019
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