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A well educated person who cant help themselves from doing the most stupid shit. on the brink of pure retardation.

A person who despite there best effort just cant get it right.

A complete dumb ass.
1) hay faqtard all that education and you still fucked it up!
2) i cant believe he did that what a faqtard.
3) hay faqtard get out of the middle of the road!
4) hay faqtard hang the cell phone up and drive!
by TinMan-DDM June 30, 2009
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The true definition is someone that buys a game only to beat it. They don't care about playing the game, they just get the game to see what the ending is. To accomplish this, they, as soon as they get it home, go online to find a FAQ (usually using love that site ^_^) to get every single powerup or quadforce or item.
Person A: I hate Schiffi.
Person 2: Why?
Person A: He just got the new "Schpeldunkies" game, and he's halfway through it in only 3 hours of playing.
Person C: So what? I did that with "Pyrokeneticist Rage" and "Cryokeneticist Gloom".
Person A: Yeah, but "Schpeldunkies" supposed to have 60 hours of gameplay.
Person 2: WOW! What A FAQtard!
by Pyro-Cryo Master November 29, 2004
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