An astronaut sent into space with the specific goal of avidly masturbating in outer space. Fapstronauts are equipped with a revolutionary space suit design in which one arm hole(the masturbation hand) is permanently connected to the area located near the zero gravity genitalia. Fapstronauts often exist to fulfill life long dreams, or strange fetishes. These humans are not endorsed by NASA or any other space-bound company
"Incredible, Zach is the most ferocious masturbator to ever enlist in the Fapstronaut program"
"Wow, youre right, he must masturbate at least seven times per day"
by pretzelsoup May 23, 2015
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You just couldn't stop fapping, even in god damn space...
Jimmy stop jerking off all the time you fucking fapstronaut
by TacoDuke S. October 1, 2021
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