Valentine's Day for the people who don't have anyone to spend it with, and instead stay in their homes, Fapping
Bob: Hey, man, so who are you spending this Valentine's night with?
Frank: I'm gonna celebrate Fapentine's Day by myself.
by medicalmechanica October 5, 2011
When you're alone on Valentines Day so you basically spend the day fapping to Porn.

Happy Fapentines Day!
Scenario 1
Marko: So Bryan you got any plans for Valentines Day?
Bryan: It's another Fapentines Day for me Bro. Jen text dumped 5 days ago. So my plans are being holed up in my room and fapping away.

Scenario 2
Anne: Hey Alice you manage to find a date for Valentines?

Alice: Sadly no, It's Fapentines Day for me. I've already bought my lube and charged up my vibrator. Gonna scrounge porn hub later.
by mrperson123 February 14, 2020