Shorts worn under your pants, used when you're a cronic masturbator and need to wank off in a semi-public area. You may be alone but there is still risk of someone walking in. You really want to rub ur dick so instead of pulling your pants down which is unexplainable to someone who walks in on you, you wank with you pants on. The fap shorts are used to soak up your sperm and to not stain your pants which would be embarrassing. This way of wanking is useful as if someone walks in, you have a slight chance of passing it off as just being a guy and scratching urself. Unlike if ur sitting there, pants around your ankles, your hand clenching ur throbbing erection, nothing to hide that you are in fact jerking your erection off.
The fap shorts are then removed when given the chance and disposed of, removing all evidence of your quick dispell of sperm.
#1 At a friend's house in an empty room

Geez I could jerk off right now, why does the toilet have to be so close to the living room where everyone is sitting and could easily hear me wanking :(.

Oh wait, im wearing fap shorts! Sweet!
fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap ooohhhhhhh fuuuucccckkkkk yyyeeaaaa!

#2 Same place and situation

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap- Door opens

friend: Dude you in here? What ya doing?

You: My balls are fucking itching man, I think I caught something from that tramp last week!

fiend: Oh sucks to be you man!

You: Phhheeewwwwww
by Callum6969 May 14, 2009
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Fap Shorts, or pants, are pants that are easily brought down to ankle-level for when the wearer needs to fap. Incredibly convenient for a World of Warcraft player. Fap Shorts must have no zipper or anything to delay the lowering of the shorts.
"Mom, have you seen my fap shorts?"
by FapMan815 April 2, 2009
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